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Which Potatoes?



We love chips. Research says 80% of us eat them regularly, and we’re not fussy about how they come – thick or thin, on the side or on their own, covered in salt and vinegar and eaten straight from the fryer. We’ll eat them with tomato ketchup, vinegar, brown sauce and even mayonnaise, but they’re best of all as the nation’s favourite: fish and chips.

Soggy chips? No thanks. At Seafish Café we only use spuds that are up to the job. Here are the ones that make the grade.


Packed full of vital nutrients, the humble potato tops the list of our favourite comfort food – from buttery mash to hot baked potatoes and deliciously crispy chips. What you might not know about potatoes is that they’re relatively low in calories, naturally fat free, contain no cholesterol, and when served in their skins are an excellent source of fibre. Just one medium jacket potato contains the same amount of fibre as five and a half bananas and more vitamin C than three avocados! You can get a third of your vitamin C allowance from a portion of chips, and potatoes in their various different forms provide 15% of the UK’s total vitamin C intake.


One of the most well known of the potato varieties, Maris Pipers are the most popular too, with more of this variety grown across the UK than any other. A fish and chip shop favourite; if you’re looking for the perfect chip, here’s the potato for you. Rich in flavour with a soft floury texture, it’s a reliable all-rounder that never lets you down.

Looks: creamy-coloured

Great for: chips or mash as well as roasting or baking


‘King Edwards’ were introduced into the UK in 1902 – the same year as King Edward VII was crowned, so the new king had a potato named after him. Thankfully HRH was a good sport about it, the name stuck, and it would be decades until anyone would think of inventing a kids’ toy called ‘Mr Potato Head’. King Edward potatoes carry just the right amount of starch so that when these well-loved spuds start cooking, the flesh takes on a dry, fluffy almost cloud-like texture in no time at all. A right royal chip in other words.

Looks: creamy/white with distinctive pink coloration

Great for: baking, roasting or mashing


This specialist type of potato is climbing up the chip ranks fast for its great fluffy texture. Originally a Dutch variety, this firm, moist potato is a good alternative to the traditional chip shop varieties of Maris Piper and King Edward, with its mild flavour making it an excellent side to more richly-flavoured types of fish.

Looks: pale yellow skin and creamy flesh

Great for: mash, chips and potato wedges